What's Occuring at Christmas for GingerRookes?

Well other than watching Elf (the greatest Christmas Movie EVER!) over and over its Horsham Christmas markets every Sunday and Mon 21st - Wed 23rd.
So that means as well as my delicious Homemade Buns or Arepas filled with Brisket, Venison or Corn Fritters........It's time to make a some Christmas Chutney and Mince Pies.
Chutney manufacture went in to over-drive on the evening of Saturday 12th for it all to be ready for Sunday 13th. And ohh yes they were ready and flew off the shelves...................they will be even better come Christmas or Boxing Day once they have matured.
They have a lovely taste with a little Smokey kick at the end. Perfect with cheese and cold meats.
I've had some great feedback on the Chutney....thank you all.
My Mince Pies have only been for personal consumption thus far. They went perfectly with a G&T!! 
BUT I'm making  a batch of Puff Pastry Parcels for the Cancer Research Shop in Horsham on East Street for Saturday 19th December. I also was giving Mince Pies out FREE on December 22nd I hope you enjoyed them Horsham.

Christmas at The Rookes Household

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    Richard Bramble Christmas Table Set Up
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    All slopped on to the plate
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