Pies, Pies, Pies 
Who wants Pies?? 

Everyone Loves Pies....................well maybe not everyone but I certainly do and I love even more making my own and eating them!!! 
With the Slow cooked 6hr sweet smoky Brisket I sell on my stall I pack out and fill my home made shortcrust pastry pies
Ideally I'd like to get these into some pubs or farm shops and sell them as frozen pies that the customer can then enjoy at his/her leisure. Simple to cook from frozen. Oven at 180c (Fan), brushed with bit of egg on top of the pies and 30-40 minutes in the oven from frozen. Serve with some gravy, mash or chips and some Veg and you have a lovely meal. Beats any frozen pie at the supermarket that have hardly any meat in them. I can also sell fresh on day I make them before I freeze the pies.

These are also delicious cold as i've sampled with my friends at Chelsea as you'll see in one of the pictures in the 'life of a GignerRooke Brisket Pie'.
Please contact me if you are interested, I can also sell to the public either at my stall or home delivery in the Horsham area. Please email me on [email protected] 

Individually I will be selling these at £3 each for a small pie of £9 for a family pie (Family pie photos to be uploaded).

The Life of a GingerRooke Brisket Pie.

  1. Fill those Pie cases.............
  2. Lets have a closer look - PACKED!!
  3. Cover that pie
  4. Crimp the pies
  5. mmmmmm Shortcrust Pastry
  6. Now they've the GingerRookes seal of approval
  7. Golden and Crisp Pies
  8. These are delicious hot or cold - here enjoyed at Chelsea!

GingerRookes Pies - My Pies in a Video 
Wednesday 9th March 2016 - i thought why not lets make a Pie video for British Pie Week